This Mother's Day, give the gift of flowers! Not only are they aesthetically beautiful but they possess aromatherapeutic value and medicinal properties.

The always elegant and classic rose promotes glowing skin, aids in the reduction of acne and eczema, and helps remove dirt and excess oils from the pores. Its scent may be used to promote positive thoughts, relaxation, happiness, and a sense of joy. And have you tried Rose in your culinary recipes? Rose provides a fragrant and feminine addition to jams, butters, salads and deserts. Once pollinated those lovely flowers fruit into vitamin C and beta-carotene-rich rosehips. Rosehip fruit extract and seed oil are prominent ingredients in our Renew Face Serum and Repair Face Oil.

Hibiscus is another LINNÉ fave that we include in our Renew Face Serum. We love to make vibrant fuchsia infusions from its petals. Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory hibiscus tea is also a valuable source of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is essential in the synthesis of collagen, and some studies have shown its ability to prevent and treat ultraviolet induced photo-damage when applied topically or taken orally.  Additional studies suggest that the content of protocatechuic acid within hibiscus may inhibit the growth of cancerous cells. That's one powerful flower!

We must also mention geranium! The benefits of geranium essential oil to the skin and overall heath are too extensive to list. We particularly praise this plant for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, astringent, vulnerary (wound healing), cytophylactic (regenerative/cell health) and detoxifying properties. Geranium is a wonderful tonic that can be applied daily via our Repair Face Oil, Balance Face Oil and Smooth Body Balm.

Other flowers we celebrate and incorporate into our formulas include anti-inflammatory chamomile, astringent yarrow, regenerative helichrysum, and antiseptic neroli. These are just some of the flowers, leaves, roots, fruits, resins and seeds that we include in our formulations. We like to think of LINNÉ as a bouquet for your body ;) We hope they bring you health, radiance and pleasure.


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