LINNÉ Spa Protocol



Begin with oil cleansing and makeup removal. Massage with or without steam.  Include the neck and decollete. Remove with sponges or warm towel.

Products: REPLENISH everywhere oil or NURTURE balm


Exfoliate with or without steam. Massage gently. Remove with a warm towel.

Products: SCRUB mask for chemical and physical exfoliation or PURIFY face mask for thorough cleansing and mild physical exfoliation (skip PURIFY if doing second cleanse after extractions). PURIFY + SCRUB can also be mixed and applied at once for a two-in-one treatment. 


Prep and tone skin with mist. Use whenever desired throughout service. (You can also spray it on a cotton round and swipe.)

Product: REFRESH mineral mist


Massage skin with a little oil to emulsify sebum. Perform extractions. 

Product: BALANCE face oil or REPLENISH everywhere oil


Remove impurities with PURIFY used as a face wash for all or CLEANSE for those with dry or very sensitive skin. Remove product with warm washcloth. 


Optional: Perform high frequency.  (Open a 4x4 gauze and lay over face before doing high frequency to give you slip)

Optional: Prep skin with conductor gel for radio frequency, ultrasound, or microcurrent. Remove conductor gel with a lukewarm towel. 

Optional: Prep skin with RENEW face serum for LED light. While under light, massage arms with SMOOTH balm.

Optional: Micro-channeling. Use RENEW.

Optional: Other tech such as hydrafacial.


Mist liberally with REFRESH. Mix in your hand 2 parts RENEW serum to 1 part oil. Apply to face, shoulders, neck, décolleté and upper arms. Massage using hands, Gua Sha stone, cupping or other lymphatic and facial contouring tools.

Products: REFRESH mineral mist, RENEW face serum, face oil: REPAIR (dry/mature skin), BALANCE (oily/blemish prone), REPLENISH (sensitive skin). 

Optional: Seal with NURTURE or SMOOTH balm for glossy finish. Apply extra to lips.


Apply emulsion to the eye area using excess to smooth lines on glabella and around lips. Apply SPF.

PRODUCTS: REVIVE eye emulsion.




Apply ACTIVATE to a dry body, massaging to stimulate blood flow, move lymph and polish the skin. Allow the mask to penetrate skin for 5-20 minutes, as your service allows. Pay extra attention to areas with keratosis pilaris, rough skin, acne or other blemishes. Invite your client to rinse in a warm shower, or remove by hand on the table with a wet wash cloth.

Product: ACTIVATE exfoliating body wash/mask


Mist the body generously with REFRESH. Follow immediately with oil/massage phase.

Product: REFRESH mineral mist


Massage the body neck down with REPLENISH oil. Use NURTURE on feet and rough patches. SMOOTH is also recommended for rashes, burns, scrapes, psoriasis and eczema.

Product: REPLENISH everywhere oil, NURTURE balm for face and body, and SMOOTH healing balm.