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  • 100% Natural
  • Ethically Crafted
  • Carbon Neutral


Beloved LINNÉ products in a petite format, perfect for travel, gifting and trying for the first time. Travel sized products contain approximately 3-4 weeks of skincare allowing adequate time to test products and experience results. Many report transformations in as little as a week and visible improvement in just one day.

The REJUVENATING KIT features our iconic collection of products formulated to keep skin clear, smooth and youthful. Choose from our rice paper pouch or our custom kraft paper dopp kit (measures 6.25 x 5.25 x 2 inches).

SCRUB  .7oz | 20ml

REFRESH  1oz | 30ml

RENEW  0.5oz | 15ml

REPAIR  0.5oz | 15ml

SMOOTH  1oz | 30ml 

When trying LINNÉ for the first time, we recommend testing a full routine. If however you have extremely sensitive skin or are prone to allergic reactions, you may prefer to implement one new change at time. If you’d like to include existing products from other brands into your new LINNÉ routine and aren’t sure about the best way to do so, please send us a message. You won’t need a cream if using our serum and oil, but if your ritual doesn’t feel complete without it, we recommend applying it very last. In the a.m. we highly recommend finishing with PROTECT, our barrier cream with SPF and pollution protection.

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