Plants have evolved efficient and synergistic relationships between multiple compounds to sustain their survival. As a company that respects 500 million years of plant evolution and wisdom, we value whole plant medicine over synthetic standardizations. Our contaminant-free, full-spectrum plant extraction methods help promote the bio-availability of nutrients; thus allowing our products to effectively yet gently impact your physiology.

Because each harvest is unique, you can think of LINNÉ more like your favorite bottle of natural wine. There will be slight variation from “vintage to vintage”, but through sophisticated testing and safety documentation we will always ensure that our nutrient levels are within target, so that batch after batch you may enjoy consistent results.

One of our favorite extraction methods happens with the help of enzymes. In the case of our fresh carrot cell extract these enzymes help break down the connective walls that bind one carrot cell to another. The result is individual carrot cells which can then be captured in a liquid solution. This liquid is a key ingredient in our RENEW serum. Incredibly these cells stay in tact and only when they come in contact with enzymes on our face do the final walls dissolve releasing the full spectrum of carrot cell nutriment into the skin.

We are currently exploring an innovative and unique biotechnology process to produce active cell plant cultures. This highly sustainable production method has proven in vitro and and in vivo testing to have a range of skin benefits ranging from anti-aging, protection, brightening, calming, clarity, and hydration. We're quite excited to share this new technology with the LINNÉ community. Stay tuned!

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