There are two types of products: ones formulated to fight isolated problems and mask imbalances and ones that feed your skin and support its own vitality and repair.

The first category of products are often produced by marketers and serial entrepreneurs. They serve as a bandaid, concealing the issue. The outcome is a dependency on a product that hides, not heals. This parasitic relationship supports the marketing propaganda that a product loses efficacy with continued use, necessitating the need for more and more.

I have learned how to be a marketer (educator) and have become an entrepreneur, but first and foremost I am a formulator, a student of the skin and a plant enthusiast. My approach marries my knowledge of human anatomy and herbal medicine and puts your true needs first. The results are formulas in the second category: symbiotic products that acknowledge the body’s intelligence, that feed the skin, that support you through seasonal and physiological changes, that are for all people and all stages of life. I sincerely hope they will serve you and your families for years to come.

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