Why Is SKIN TEA Loose Leaf?

Why Is SKIN TEA Loose Leaf?

LINNÉ SKIN TEA is sold loose as whole flower, leaves, seeds and fruits for a few key reasons!

1. Tea bags generally contain the “dust” that falls on the floor and whatever is left after the production of loose leaf tea. No thanks! We use only extraordinary quality whole ingredients to make potent, delicious and nutritious beverages.

2. While there are some pyramid style tea bags that allow for larger particles, the highest quality tea will never be found in bags. Quality tea and herbal infusions need room to unfurl and absorb water. Even if you were to find reasonable quality herbs in a teabag, the constriction of the leaves and petals mean you won’t get to appreciate the full flavor and nutrient potential. That’s a shame!

To optimize your SKIN TEA experience we recommend an extended steep period in a vessel such as a tea pot with a deep and wide steep basket or in a French press.

3. Paper tea bags can be coated with dioxin, epichlorohydrin or bleached in chlorine. Plastic tea bags contain plastics like PVC or nylon that also leach chemicals when steeped. Hard pass!

LINNÉ SKIN TEA includes 13 Organic and Biodynamic fruits, flowers, leaves, and seeds, and NOTHING else. Because our flowers, leaves, fruits and seeds are freshly packed and premium grade, SKIN TEA can be re-infused multiple times.

Finally, to keep your herbs fresh, make sure the bag is sealed between uses and left out of direct sunlight.

Enjoy, and cheers to your good health.

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