Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use NURTURE as an oil cleanse?

You can use NURTURE as an oil cleanser and makeup remover. To double cleanse, use circular motions to gently massage NURTURE into your skin for about a minute. Give special attention to the hairline and jawline where makeup tends to build up.

Use a warm, damp washcloth followed by a lukewarm rinse to remove the balm. Don’t worry if there is some residue, the second cleanse will remove this.

Keep your skin damp for the second cleanse with PURIFY or CLEANSE. Again, massage the product in for about a minute, covering the same areas. Rinse, pat dry and immediately follow with your LINNÉ treatment products.

What is “slugging” and how do I do it?

Slugging is the process of applying an occlusive product (in this case oils and waxes) to form a physical layer on your skin. This helps improve the skin barrier function and prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Adding an occlusive to your skincare routine can be particularly beneficial for those with dry, dehydrated, sun damaged or injured skin. As a protective agent they can also prevent irritation from environmental stressors such as wind and pollen.

Applying an occlusive, aka slugging, is often done as a final skincare step before bed but is perfect for day time use especially in cold or dry climates. While occlusives prevent moisture loss they aren’t necessarily humectants themselves so you’ll need to first treat your skin to a hydrating step.

We recommend a generous misting of REFRESH mineral mist followed by RENEW serum. If you like you can also apply a face oil prior to slugging for additional nourishment. Finally apply SMOOTH or NURTURE balms liberally to seal everything in.

Can I use NURTURE on my child?

These products are safe and recommended for babies and children over 6 weeks old. We believe less is more when it comes to newborn skin and advocate for infrequent baths using water only before 6 weeks of age. Should your newborn have a diaper rash or need a veil of protection against dry climate, NURTURE and REPLENISH however can be used in these first weeks. All ingredients in NURTURE are food safe and can also be used on mother’s nipples while breastfeeding.