Contains anti-inflammatory, antifungal, anti-bacterial and antioxidant-rich ingredients. Regular application of NOURISH may help protect against UV and other environmental damage. 

Apply as needed to nourish and protect dry, chapped and cracked lips. 

Please note, a few DENALI remain in our recyclable plastic packaging. When we run out it will then be available in our new and improved packaging made from 100% recycled aluminum, at our new price. Providing a final product that is recyclable is one thing, but having product made with recycled material is even better as it actively offsets waste before it even reaches the customer. For every lip balm sold, 1.5 aluminum cans are diverted from the waste stream. This packaging option is not perfect but it is for us the best available solution as it allows us to not just depend on product “end of life”, but use a component that diverts waste at the “beginning of life”.