We value your health and only use safe, non-toxic biocompatible ingredients that are easily absorbed and processed by the body. Many ingredients, both synthetic and naturally-derived have the potential to put stress on the body with their toxic-load. Stress, whether emotionally or chemically induced, is the greatest ager. What good then are ‘anti-aging’ products that ultimately age us?

We do not include petrochemicals, silicones, parabens, phalates, artificial fragrance, PEG products, T.E.A., D.E.A., B.H.A., synthetic colors, hydroquinone, formaldehyde, lauryl sulphate, triclosan, boric acid or lead. To learn more about these ingredients visit the Environmental Working Group database.

We buy from reputable sources who can ensure that our ingredients are not adulterated or diluted. We ensure that extracts are processed in ways that effectively capture their vital chemical constituents and choose fresh, cold pressed virgin oils to maximize nutritional content.

We focus on sourcing responsibly wild-harvested and organic-farmed plants to promote environmental stewardship and because we believe that organic and wild plants contain a greater concentration of beneficial chemical compounds.

To promote species diversity, environmental preservation and ethnobotanical continuity we celebrate the use of native plants and plants grown in their original habitat/geographical distribution.

We only test our products on friends and family. We are cruelty free and await certification.


For our boxes we use a mix of post-consumer waste paper and Forest Stewardship Council certified paper printed with soy based inks.

    We have chosen clear packaging: a physical representation of our goal to be a transparent brand. Our consumers have expressed the desire to see the contents of the packaging so to enjoy the natural colors and textures and easily and quickly determine how much product is left in a bottle or jar. Clear packaging is also far more accepted by recycling plants than glass or plastic of any other color. Clear packaging perhaps does not protect the contents as well as an opaque glass or porcelain and thus we recommend that the products be kept out of direct sun light and heat. We have provided 'best before' dates to encourage product use at its freshest and most active. 

      Most of our products are in glass though two remain in BPA-free PET plastic so that they can safely be handled in the bathtub and shower. PET plastic is the most widely accepted form of recyclable plastic and can be infinitely recycled at the same quality level. Recycling PET also has a smaller footprint than recycling glass. Please help us eliminate the waste that ends up in our oceans and other natural habitats by properly disposing of all packaging.


      We respect and serve our customers: please do not hesitate in contacting us should you have questions or suggestions.

        We believe in transparency and consumer education and try our best to share our growing knowledge via this platform, blog and social media. Please contact us should you have something valuable to share with our community.

          We have honest margins. Our product costs reflect the cost of ingredients and packaging. We have chosen luxury components for optimal results and enhanced user experience but we also aim to keep our pricing competitive so that we can be accessible to as many individuals as possible. We think of our skincare products as a 401K: a smart investment.

            We advocate for full cost accounting. We believe in corporate social responsibility, employee welfare and environmental ethics. We will contribute charitably in the social, health and ecological sectors and welcome the appropriate partnerships.