Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just for the eye area?

No! You can use this nutrient-rich emulsion anywhere on the face as it will help lift, tone, de-puff and increase cellular health and communication. Try it on the glabella (11 lines between the brows), on vertical lip lines, and even neck lines.

I thought eye creams are supposed to be thick?

That is a funny misconception as the eye area is actually the most delicate tissue on the face. While we want to support this area with fortifying ingredients and nourishing fatty acids, we do not want to weigh down the area with heavy creams that can also clog pores and cause millia. 

The pump is not working, how can I fix it?

Unfortunately because of the long slender bottle and because we fill the product to the very top of the bottle, physics can occasionally cause an air bubble to block the flow of product into the dip tube. While temporarily inconvenient - and for this we apologize - it is a fairly easy fix. 

A good way to troubleshoot this is to unscrew the tube, pump the actuator in the air and then re-submerge the dip tube into the liquid. Pump again. If needed you may need to stir the tube a bit around. You can screw the cap back on when you see the emulsion travel up the tube. Keep pumping until its out and in your hand and you will not have to repeat this again. if you continue to have trouble, please contact us.