Environmental stress, pollutants, and hormonal changes can all lead to skin sensitivity. So can skincare products! The very items we rely on to nourish and protect our skin can leave our skin irritated and compromised.

"Back in 2011, when K-Beauty was entering the United States, its 12-step skincare philosophy was simultaneously extravagant and alluring to beauty consumers, even if a bit nonsensical to some." Turns out there’s a downside to the K-Beauty glow. According to a recent @beautyindependent article by Lexi Lebsack, "unwarranted and frequently improper product choices are to blame for a growing number of people self-identifying as having sensitive skin."

Do you suffer from sensitized skin? Our new LINNÉ bébé collection was formulated for you. Gentle enough for babies, this collection is packed with hard working ingredients that support skin harmony, restoration and resilience.

When attempting to restore your skin's barrier response, keep your routine simple. Skip the acids, astringents and retinols. A paired down routine including CLEANSE, REPLENISH or NURTURE can be supported by additional items from our core collection, such as REFRESH and RENEW to hydrate and promote cellular health. With consistent use, and patience your skin will recover. And in time you may find you no longer have sensitive skin!

Feel like you may need a little extra help understanding your sensitivity and the appropriate products? Book a skin consultation with founder Jenna Levine.

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