NOURISH Lip Balm 101

Everything you need to know about our nourishing, plumping, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, contouring lip balms! 


Cocoa butter is highly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Shipping disrupted the crystalline structure of the butter and so we have removed it from our formula. In its place we have increased the concentration of organic, virgin mango butter.


We added Sequoia cell extract! Sequoia extract maintains skin moisture and barrier function, promotes firm and contoured lips by boosting collagen and proteoglycan production, and helps reduce the inflammatory response by regulating immune system mechanisms affected by aging and daily light exposure.


Given the overwhelming positive feedback, we will continue to offer NOURISH in our 100% recycled aluminum tubes.


We have custom crafted our shades from pure, heavy-metal free, responsibly harvested minerals, to deliver versatile, buildable color that looks amazing on all skin tones. 

TEKAPO, a wine berry hue

LAC ROSE, a sheer rose shimmer 

LAGUNA, a creamy coral pink 

ATACAMA, a mauvy terracotta brown 

DENALI, untinted



NOURISH has not been tested for its SPF value but ATACAMA and LAGUNA contain over 7% non-nano zinc. TEKAPO contains over 2% zinc. DENALI and LAC ROSE do not contain zinc. 


DENALI, is named after the highest mountain peak in North America, ATACAMA for the famous dusty-pink Chilean desert, TEKAPO, for the lake district in New Zealand known for its abundant blooms of lupine flowers,LAC ROSE is named after the salt lake in Senegal that is pink due to the presence of Dunaliella salina algae and LAGUNA is after Laguna Colorada, a shallow pink salt lake in the southwest of the altiplano of Bolivia.




The wilderness references provide more than color inspiration. As a business that champions environmental stewardship we are delighted to share that we use profits from the sale of these lip balms to further our charitable support of wilderness preservation organizations. Keeping our lips luscious may be far from altruistic, but it's nevertheless nice to know we can help protect the planet and each other while we practice self-care.



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