Himalayan Heroes

While Earth month may be officially over, LINNÉ remains dedicated to environmental stewardship. This week, we are focusing our efforts on cleaning up the Himalayan Foothills.

The Himalayas are a vital biodiversity hotspot that unfortunately faces a few too many eco-challenges. Our aim is to clean the region of years of accumulated waste, and engage and educate both local and visiting communities to preserve the region for coming generations.


To raise funds for this work, we are running two campaigns through Sunday May 5th. The first is in honor of two ingredients sourced from the mountains of Nepal: Himalayan Pink Salt in our SOAK Bath Salts and Spikenard Root Oil in our LATHER Artisan Bar Soap. 25% of sales of these products will be donated directly to our partner, rePurpose Global.


We will also be donating to the project and you can participate without spending a dime. Comment on any LINNÉ post this week and we’ll remove 2Lbs of plastic from the Himalayas on your behalf!

Comment away, share with your friends, and let’s clean up the Himalayas together!


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