Mountain Climate Skincare Routine This Winter

cold mountain weather skincare routine

Is there anything better than mountain air?

That crisp, fresh feeling is indicative of the higher altitude and lack of humidity - two factors that can leave the skin dehydrated, dry and dull. Maintain healthy, hydrated skin with this recommended routine.

Start with a gentle facial cleanser. Blemish prone skin may prefer PURIFY face wash, and drier types will benefit from CLEANSE face and body wash. Mountain air tends to be clean, but it’s important to still cleanse the skin of dirt, debris and sunscreen.

Next we recommend generously misting the face with REFRESH mineral mist. This will hydrate skin and prepare cells to receive your serum and oils. 

RENEW face serum can then be layered or mixed with the face oil of your choice. All of our oils are nourishing and we recommend BALANCE for blemish-prone, REPAIR for dry and mature skin, and REPLENISH for sensitive and young skin. Don’t forget to include your neck and chest. 

Finally, in dry climates we highly suggest sealing in humectants and emollients with one of our occlusive balms. They will not clog pores but will prevent moisture loss through evaporation. 

You can use NURTURE and SMOOTH on your lips as well, or try our NOURISH lip balm, currently available untinted, a flattering rose shimmer and a summery coral with zinc for UV protection.

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