What Makes REFRESH Mineral Mist Blue?

what makes refresh mineral mist blue?

REFRESH gets its blue hue when our gemstone extracts and preservative system combine. Malachite extract alone is an electric turquoise color, and in a fascinating display of chemistry, when we add our clear radish root ferment, the color deepens to a cobalt blue. 

This saturated blue is then tempered with the chartreuse yellow of olivine extract and the grey-green of yarrow extract. The color becomes more dilute as we add hydrosols and nourishing humectants. 

The appearance of the color is further influenced by the size of its vessel. Larger bottles concentrate the formula and limit light thus producing a more concentrated visual display. 

Over time the color of your mist may fade. This is a natural and normal reaction and no cause of concern. For optimal freshness and efficacy, apply it head to toe until the listed best before date.

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