Burning dried wood from the ‘mystical’ palo santo tree and collecting its concentrated oils have been widely used in folk medicine and by shamans for centuries due to the tree’s perceived ability to clear negative energy and induce a meditative state.

Beyond occult applications, Palo santo is used to fight cold and flu related infections and viruses, and it may reduce feelings of dizziness, congestion, and nausea. It has the potential to increase blood flow and reduce inflammation, which have made it valuable in the treatment of migraines and arthritic pain. The oil is rich in antioxidants and terpenes and has been gaining attention for being a natural cancer treatment for inflammatory diseases.

With its penetrating scent that is at once woodsy, balsamic, slightly citrus and minty sweet, it is no surprise why this ancient Incan aromatic has become so ubiquitous. Like with all things that become trendy however, beware of knock offs. A lot of the palo santo on the market is fake, and produced with synthetic fragrance. That’s in part due to the fact that palo santo incense isn’t quick to produce. The process involves waiting for trees to die of natural causes- and that usually takes 50 to 70 years! Once dead, the tree has to be left for a minimum of five to eight years for the oils in the heartwood to mature enough to make quality incense.

Well, as the say, good things take time, and we’re cool with that. Fortunately we have a steady supply of ethically harvested palo santo to provide us with ACTIVATE’s signature scent. So hope you love it as much as we do!

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