Spotlight: Aubrey Douglas of Graystone Design

Aubrey, tell us about yourself, what led you to interior design and starting Graystone Design?

In 2014 I purchased a home from auction with the intention of flipping. I worked diligently for a year renovating this house and sold it in 2015 for a profit. I went on to do this two more times and remodeled two more properties after this. this process was a huge learning opportunity, a lot of hard work went into these projects. I learned through a bit of self discovery through this process that I enjoyed choosing the remodeling materials, furniture, and decor the most. That  is when I decided to focus primarily on interior design, and offer these specific services. At this point I had built up somewhat of a reputation for project management so I already had prospective clients inquiring for my help.

I officially started my interior design business officially in 2021, Graystone design and development, LLC.  As mentioned before I already had prospective clients inquiring. 100% of my clientele has been word of mouth referrals with no marketing/advertising other than documenting my projects on Instagram. I am three years into owning my own business, thus far business has  been extremely consistent. By year three of working independently, I can now pick and choose who I work with.

Where do you seek your style inspiration? 

I am inspired by natural and nature-inspired elements to replicate the tranquility of the outdoors, helping you feel calm and grounded without even having to step outside.

When styling a space what is your design process? 

I learn what inspires you and creatively think through designs that work best for you. We can partner together to create personalized, purposeful, and bold solutions that best reflect your genuine self. Basically, I design spaces that become you. Whether you’re building a new home, or remodeling a room, I will leave you with a feeling of belonging.

I am here to bring my clients vision to life. No matter the project, I help them find their unique style and set clear goals for the entire project. I have created an approach to my design process that is built on a foundation of collaboration, this allows me to do as much or little as they need. In order to be an efficient partner, I meet my client where they're at and help them get to the finish line. Specializing in residential design, I provide with 3-D renderings, furniture procurement, construction advocacy, schedule and attend deliveries, stage everything to perfection and anything in between!

 Where do your source your materials? 

I start with local businesses for sourcing materials because my goal is to support them as much as possible. If I cannot find what I'm looking for, I travel within Washington state to source materials or place orders online.

I know you are currently working on remodeling an air b n b, a residential home, as well as managing other construction projects. Do you gravitate towards one area of design? 

I generally enjoy any project with the biggest and boldest design visions! Each and every project opportunity is special to me, and has highlights of its own that I enjoy. I love interior design because it gives me the opportunity to learn and build my skills in many areas. 

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