Spotlight: Shana Rehwald of Me-est Me Journal

Shana, tell us about yourself! What led you to create the Me-est Me Journal? 

I built my career doing social media and marketing for fashion and wellness brands like Alo Yoga and Grayson. After a decade of working in corporate social, I was burnt out, so in February 2020 I quit my job to pursue events. My timing wasn’t great here because one month later, the pandemic hit and event roles were no longer on the table. Around the same time, I was in the midst of a divorce with my ex-husband, who was my partner for over a decade. Suddenly, the two things I identified with most—my career and my marriage—had totally shifted and I had to figure out what to do next. I decided to take myself on a major self discovery journey to figure out what I wanted for my life. During that time, I was seeing two different therapists, listening to all the Esther Perel, and journaling a ton. After sharing that it was my life motto to be the me-est me (to show up as the most authentic, most comfortable version of me in every situation and give you the space to show up that way too), a friend said "have you ever thought about doing some sort of programming around that?” I felt inspired to explore what programming might look like and revisited the tools that helped me reconnect with myself when I really needed them. I decided to create a journal using the tools that I used so I could support others who might be experiencing something similar. I’m proud to share that I launched the Me-est Me Journal in March 2021. 

After working in digital throughout my career, I had to learn a whole new industry to create a physical product. It was a massive learning, but after doing that I now believe I can do anything. Launching Me-est Me gave me the confidence to trust my inner knowing, to lean into my me-est me, and to follow what feels aligned. My life has had a hard reset since 2019 and while it hasn’t been easy rebuilding, it’s been so rewarding. I moved from LA to Austin, TX, have a beautiful and fulfilling relationship with an incredible partner, and a part time job that aligns with my business and my me-est me. 

What can our community members expect to find in the journal? 

The Me-est Me Journal has 4 types of journal prompts focused on reflecting, exploring, and gathering while also giving you pages to take a “brain break” and pause. You’ll find original art throughout the journal by our designer Hanna Snyder as well as questions and affirmations to guide you throughout your journey.

Is there a prompt you find Me-est Me journalers resonate with most? 

There’s a reflection prompt that asks you who you were a year ago vs today and I think that one always has the greatest impact. We really do grow so much in one year, so taking time to reflect on that growth can be incredibly illuminating. When I’m leading workshops, I ask the attendees to take a look back at their photos from a year ago. Seeing what you were wearing, what you were doing, and who you were spending time with creates a really clear picture of what the year ago-you looked like and how much you have truly grown. 

Is there an exercise in the journal that stood out as a turning point for you in your self-refection journey? 

There are two that go hand in hand that have been coming up a lot in the last few years. Those are “make a list of everything that raises your energy” and “make a list of everything that drains your energy”. Once I started paying attention to the things that raise my energy and the things that drain me, I could get closer to the things that make me feel good and draw strong boundaries around the things or people that drain me. This practice has consistently changed the game for me and how I live my life on a daily basis. I’m always checking in with myself and moving closer to the things that are aligned with this current version of me.

How often should one use the journal? 

I designed the Me-est Me Journal to be a “choose your own adventure” journey, so people can use the journal in whichever way resonates for them. Some people buy the journal and do each page in the exact order they’re written until they’re done, and others will flip to a random page once a week and do whatever prompt they land on. I would recommend creating a consistent journaling practice to stay connected with yourself, whatever that may mean for you. 

Beyond self-reflection what other types of prompts can one expect from the journal? 

One of the prompts that was most impactful to me before I created the journal is all about acknowledging your value by collecting nice text messages, emails, testimonials, or anything that helps remind you of the effect you have had on others. A friend suggested I do this a few years back and now I have a running album of screenshotted texts and emails that make me feel good that I come back to anytime I’m having a down day.

Why do you think self-reflection is such an important form of self-care?

I learned that when you connect with yourself, your life starts to change - you get clear on what is aligned and what is not aligned, and can make small changes to move closer to alignment. Being your me-est me and identifying what it is you want for your life has the power to unlock incredible opportunities and can truly help you build the life you’ve been dreaming about.

For those who haven’t yet purchased the journal, what can our LINNÉ community members do daily to show up as their most authentic self? 

I would recommend thinking about what your authentic future self looks like and then taking steps to connect and show up as that version of yourself. Consider who that future self is spending time with, what they’re wearing, how they spend their time and then start figuring out what steps you can take to move into that version of you. Being the me-est me just means showing up as the most comfortable version of yourself, so it’s all about doing those things that make you feel most comfortable and most you.

Where can our LINNÉ community members find the Me-est Me Journal? 

You can shop the Me-est Me Journal at or at any of our local stockists

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