Given the continued need for frequent sanitation we wanted to provide our LINNÉ community with a safer solution free from harmful preservatives, methanol, triclosan, synthetics and unnecessary texturizing agents. Our formula is made purely from high-grade ethyl alcohol, moisturizing glycerin, antiseptic hydrogen peroxide and an uplifting, aromatic blend of antibiotic and anti-fungal essential oils that can remarkably help reverse bacteria resistance!

We have combined organic eucalyptus, tea tree, cedarwood, lavadin grosso and peppermint to create a blend that smells herbaceous, woodsy and bright, is uplifting to the senses and safe for frequent use. And because it is not a sticky spray or gel  it is suitable both for skin and surfaces. We are pleased to offer it in our glass 1oz fine-mist travel bottle and in an 8oz glass refill bottle.