Frequently Asked Questions

Is REPLENISH safe for use during pregnancy?

Yes, in fact it was formulated by our founder/formulator during her pregnancy to gently yet effectively support her stretching skin.

What is an appropriate protocol for sensitized skin?

Gentle enough for even babies, our sensitive skin collection is packed with hard working ingredients that support skin harmony, restoration and resilience. When attempting to restore your skin's barrier response, keep your routine simple. Skip the acids, astringents and retinols. A paired down routine including CLEANSE, REPLENISH or NURTURE can be supported by additional items from our core collection, such as REFRESH and RENEW to hydrate and promote cellular health. With consistent use, and patience your skin will recover. And in time you may find you no longer have sensitive skin!

Can you use REPLENISH to shave legs?

REPLENISH everywhere oil lubricates and moisturizes the skin, providing the perfect base for a close shave, with no razor burn, rashes or dry, blotchy skin.

For best results we recommend the following steps:

1) Cleanse skin with ACTIVATE body wash or CLEANSE face and body wash to ensure skin is clear of dirt, debris and other products.

2) Apply a layer of REPLENISH everywhere oil to the damp area you would like to shave.

3) Shave as usual, rinse and pat dry.

If I want to double cleanse, should I use REPLENISH first or second?

REPLENISH can be used first to dissolve and emulsify facial sebum, make up and remove large debris. For a thorough and complete cleansing we then recommend use of PURIFY. In addition to cleaning the skin PURIFY has the added benefit of three types of mineral-rich clay and dead sea salt, hydrating olive leaf and glycerin, brightening potato starch, toning lime, regenerative palmarosa and other skin supportive ingredients.