Do you struggle with dry skin? We know how uncomfortable this can be. Scaling, itching, cracking - none of it feels good. Dry skin occurs for a variety of reason and is common amongst many. Before crafting LINNÉ, our founder Jenna suffered from skin so dry and itchy she’d bled and bruise from scratching in her sleep. 

Dermatitis is a medical term for extremely dry skin and there are a variety of types of dermatitis. Contact dermatitis results when the skin is exposed to an allergic substance. Seborrheic dermatitis occurs when your skin produces too much oil, resulting in a scaly rash. Lastly, atopic dermatitis, also known as eczema, causes the skin to experience dry scaly patches. Another medical condition resulting in dry skin is psoriasis. It manifests when skin cells build up on the surface and form scaly, dry patches. Psoriasis, an immune system problem which can be triggered by stress and cold weather, was another personal skin care woe that led Jenna to the development of LINNÉ. 

Beyond genetics, other triggers that can cause one’s skin to try out include weather conditions, hot water, and certain chemicals. Dry skin is most common during the fall and winter seasons when humidity level is low and moisture from the skin evaporated into air. Frequent bathing in hot water can too cause dry skin. And while love clear, smooth, glowing skin, excessive use of harsh chemical exfoliants, soaps and even moisturizers can strip the skin of its protective oils.

At LINNÉ, we have formulated products to retain the moisture within one's epidermis, treat dry skin conditions such as Psoriasis and Eczema, and keep your skin nourished all season long. 

Our top products for dry skin include REFRESH Face Mist, RENEW Face Serum, REPAIR Face Oil, SMOOTH Body Balm, and NOURISH Lip Balm. 

Whether genetics or conditional, LINNÉ is here to create the perfect solution to your dry skin concerns.

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