Which LINNÉ Products are Pregnancy Safe?

Mamas and mamas-to-be, we know you have enough to worry about as is, so no need to fret about what’s in your skincare. The LINNÉ product line is recommended by one of New York’s leading holistic fertility clinics, Lily and Horn and we’ve had many happy, healthy babies born to #linneladies.

We can confidently recommend CLEANSE, PURIFY, SCRUB, REFRESH, RENEW, REPLENISH and NURTURE to anyone trying to conceive, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

In the first trimester especially, one can never be too safe so at LINNÉ we advise pregnant women to consult their doctor or midwife prior to the use of our BALANCE face oil as they contain the essential oils of sage, rosemary and black cumin. Within our formulas these oils encourage wound healing, the reduction of scar tissue, stretch marks and wrinkles, but at higher medicinal dosages they are also used to promote contractions and increase stagnant menstrual flow. REPAIR face oil and SMOOTH body balm contain a rosemary CO2 extract, but this varietal has no known contradictions so is considered safe for pregnancy.

Used once a week, the alpha hydroxy acids in SCRUB are at a safe level for pregnancy.

The salicylate content in our white willow bark extract is standardized to 10%, which means the content within REFRESH and RENEW is only 0.15%, well below the recommended max of 2%, twice daily for pregnancy. The salicylate content in our new PROTECT sunscreen is above 2%, so even though this ingredient is in equivalent doses in countless Environmental Working Group verified sunscreens formulated for babies and recommended for pregnancy, if you choose to be conservative you may like to skip PROTECT in the final two weeks of pregnancy to be conservative.
We only want the very best for mommies and their babies which is why we are transparent and educational about every single ingredient we use. If you are pregnant and have any questions message us at hello@linnebotanicals.com. 

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