We are proud to be a founding sponsor of Voices For The Planet, a customized platform to follow environmental legislation created by Issue Voter. This platform enables individuals to get alerts, track, understand and make voices heard on legislation related to the environment. IssueVoter is an innovative, non-partisan nonprofit with a mission to give everyone a voice in our democracy. Voices For The Planet makes environmental information accessible and actionable with customized alerts before Congress votes. They translate bills into layman’s terms with points from both sides.

Right now, it’s easy to feel helpless among the many global issues we're facing. But we have the power to use our voice and show up for people and the planet through activism in our communities. Together, we can vote for a better future and support organizations that make the environment a priority in politics.

Sign up via the link below to get alerts from Issue Voter. It will only take a minute to get started and once signed up you can customize your interests to include topics such as social justice, healthcare, technology and immigration. You’ll be guided through various pieces of legislation and with one click be able to tell your representative if you approve or oppose.



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