Frequently Asked Questions

Does ACTIVATE help body acne and acne-prone skin in general?

Yes! And we have the testimonials to prove it! Read our reviews below to see how its worked effectively and efficiently to clear stubborn body acne.

Will ACTIVATE help with Keratosis Pilaris? 

Keratosis pilaris is a common, harmless skin condition that causes tiny bumps, dry skin, and rough patches. The condition develops when the skin produces too much of the protein, keratin. This blocks hair follicles, causing bumps to develop. The best solution is thus proper and consistent exfoliation, to prevent further congestion, and to smooth and soften the afflicted area. ACTIVATE has proven time and time again to help improve uneven, dry and rough skin. Finely milled volcanic ash allows for gentle yet effective polishing of the skin. It is aided by the various minerals in dead sea salt, the drawing and purifying properties of activated charcoal, the soothing and renewing action of knotted kelp, and the regenerative and wound healing qualities of vetiver.

Can ACTIVATE relieve the symptoms of eczema and psoriasis? 

Absolutely. Eczema and psoriasis are auto-immune conditions so while ACTIVATE cannot cure eczema or psoriasis, it does contain ingredients known to treat the symptoms. These include dead sea salt and organic avocado oil. In the US, avocado oil is patented as a treatment for some forms of dermatitis and arthritis and it is reported that long-term treatment with avocado oil can help to relieve eczema. The high content of unsaponifiables (sterolins) help soften and moisturize skin’s upper layer and are essential in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.

Is ACTIVATE more intense than PURIFY?

ACTIVATE is an experience. Aromatic eucalyptus, palo santo, balsam fir and atlas cedarwood are decongesting to the skin and the respiratory system - making ACTIVATE an ideal treatment during cold and allergy season. ACTIVATE is also highly stimulating. Volcanic pumice manually exfoliates skin and promotes the movement of blood and lymph. Eucalyptus further promotes circulation, bringing fresh oxygenated blood to the brain to increase alertness and clarity. While highly effective at cleansing the skin, ACTIVATE remains microbiome-friendly and suitable for most skin, including those who describe themselves as dry or sensitive. So yes, it is a potent product capable of clearing stubborn acne and blackheads, smoothing rough and bumpy skin, neutralizing body odor, and nourishing dry skin, but like PURIFY it is just as gentle as it is hardworking so it should not cause irritation or skin aggravation. 

 Can ACTIVATE be used daily? 

Indeed. In fact some LINNÉ loyalists feel they cannot start their day without ACTIVATE. The cleansing agent we use is gentle and even moisturizing to skin, and we use fermentation as our preservation method, making ACTIVATE microbiome-friendly.

 Can ACTIVATE be used as a face mask as well? 

Though originally formulated for the body, ACTIVATE is also appropriate for facial skin. It’s perfect for smoothing skin texture and clearing pores. As with all exfoliants, be gentle when polishing the skin. Be mindful of the eye area and discontinue use should you experience any redness (beyond healthy blood flow) or discomfort. 

Where is ACTIVATE in the order of products?

Skincare starts with clean skin and ACTIVATE is the first step in body care. LINNÉ products are marked with Roman Numerals as a nod to our namesake, the botanist Carl Von LINNÉ who laid the foundations for the taxonomic classification system. We borrowed this system to make an easy step protocol. All cleansers are Step I.