Fragrance can be personal, evocative, seductive and nostalgic. When made exclusively with therapeutic grade essential oils, it can also be good for you. That is the motive and mission of our latest launch, RISE & REST. 

As with all our formulations, the ingredients that drive the aromatic compositions are included first and foremost for functionality. They have a direct effect on the skin as well as potential to support various bodily systems. Nothing added is arbitrary and they are blended with the outmost care so the scent is harmonious, and their impact synergistic. 

Apply them as you would a traditional fragrance, on your neck and inner wrists. As you desire, you can also experiment with application along the forehead and temples, inner elbows, palms of hands, feet and along the ankles. Try RISE when you feel the first signs of headache and REST wherever you feel sore. These are tools for you pleasure, comfort and well-being. Let them serve you.

How are you using RISE & REST?

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