Studies suggest that a morning routine helps improve quality of life. Rituals allow us to practice mindfulness, check in with our well-being and set a positive tone for the day ahead.

Here are some ways we promote a better day:

Sleep: If possible allow yourself to awaken naturally. This is obviously harder said than done with work commitments and family dependents but if you can get into a good rhythm you’ll be able to awaken without an alarm clock and before you are needed by everyone else. When in sync with your circadian rhythm, your internal clock will know when to wake you up. It is important to try to get to bed at the same time every night to help this process and get to bed early enough to allow for sufficient rest. Once you awake allow natural light to fill your room before receiving the blue light from your mobile device.

Hydration: Since we go without proper hydration for approximately 8 hours each the night, it is important, before having any coffee or tea, to drink water. The body can be dehydrated from the lack of h2o and it is important to rehydrate with at least a full glass.

Meditation/Reflection: Before checking your email or phone in the morning, take a few moments to ground yourself. For some of us this may look like a form of mediation, for others journal writing, a snuggle or a quiet walk in the fresh air. This time allows for a better transition into the demanding tasks of the day.

Morning cup of skin tea or coffee: For many, this is a critical (and favorite) part of the morning routine. Incorporating a beautiful vessel or preparation instruments can make the ritual all the more special.

Morning skincare routine: our last and favorite step. No matter what’s going on, a little skincare routine should feel as essential as brushing your teeth. It only takes a few minutes and will improve emotional health and the vitality of your largest organ. Our morning skincare routine consists of refresh, renew, balance, a facial massage using our harmonize jade roller and hands, and finally SPF.

Whether its 15 minutes or an hour, establish a morning routine and personal ritual that helps you prepare for a better day ahead.

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