How to Double Cleanse With NURTURE Balm?

how to double cleanse with nurture balm

Have you tried NURTURE face and body balm yet as a balm cleanser? It can be used on its own or coupled with PURIFY face wash or CLEANSE face and body wash for a double-cleanse. 

You may not need to double cleanse nightly but it can be a great addition to your ritual especially when removing heavier makeup or stubborn sunscreen. 

The oils in NURTURE will also help emulsify excess sebum which makes oil cleansing appropriate for even oily skin types.

To double cleanse, use circular motions to gently massage NURTURE into your skin for about a minute. Give special attention to the hairline and jawline where makeup tends to build up.

Use a warm, damp washcloth followed by a lukewarm rinse to remove the balm. Don’t worry if there is some residue, the second cleanse will remove this.

Keep your skin damp for the second cleanse with PURIFY or CLEANSE. Again, massage the product in for about a minute, covering the same areas. Rinse, pat dry and immediately follow with your LINNÉ treatment products.

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