Keratosis pilaris is a common, harmless skin condition that causes tiny bumps, dry skin, and rough patches. It is usually found on the upper arms, thighs, cheeks and bum. Unfortunately it is a condition that technically cannot be cured or prevented, but we have had many LINNÉ community members report that it can in fact be treated.

The condition develops when the skin produces too much of the protein, keratin. This blocks hair follicles, causing bumps to develop. The best solution is thus proper and consistent exfoliation, to prevent further congestion, and to smooth and soften the afflicted area. ACTIVATE has proven time and time again to help improve uneven, dry and rough skin. Finely milled volcanic ash allows for gentle yet effective polishing of the skin. It is aided by the various minerals in dead sea salt, the drawing and purifying properties of activated charcoal, the soothing and renewing action of knotted kelp, and the regenerative and wound healing qualities of vetiver.

We recommend applying ACTIVATE to dry skin prior to a shower or bath. Massage the area using circular buffing motions. Allow ACTIVATE a minute or so to penetrate the skin before stepping into the bath or shower. To further your treatment we also recommend dry brushing the skin prior to the application of ACTIVATE, and massaging the area with a generous layer of SMOOTH after bathing while the skin is slightly damp. For an additional surge of repairative minerals and herbal actives, you may even spritz the skin with REFRESH anytime prior to applying SMOOTH.

Have KP? Ready to give this a try? We'd love to hear your feedback and see documented changes if you'd like to share.

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