It's been such a joy watching our community expand in the past several months. Even as I've transitioned from a social New Yorker to a faraway Vermonter, I have not felt isolated in the slightest. I owe that much in part to the growing connections we are establishing through this platform. I am so grateful for all the generous, kind, and curious customers who have helped make this incredibly hard work worthwhile, and for the brand partners who have helped us provide more than just product, through their thoughtful story-telling, education and engagement.

Ever since I was a little girl experimenting in my childhood kitchen, it's been my passion to craft nourishing provisions for family and friends. Decades of subsequent education and experience within the fields of biological science, agriculture, herbal medicine and nutrition has further fueled my enthusiasm and devotion to inspire collective wellbeing. I feel unbelievably fortunate that I have been able to translate my aspiration and experience into the development of these products and this platform.

Please know that your support of LINNÉ doesn't just keep our business going; it also allows us to better proliferate the tools and tips for a happier, healthier, and more harmonized humanity. Truly from the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your contribution to this global family. Sending warmest wishes for a restorative weekend.

Jenna Levine

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