The LINNÉ Morning Routine

morning routine

Start your day feeling your very best and most vibrant with our LINNÉ Morning Routine.

Step 1: Splash face with room temperature water and pat dry.

Step 2: Spritz your face and neck generously with REFRESH mineral mist to hydrate and oxygenate cells and promote product penetration.

Step 3: Mix two pumps of RENEW face serum with one pump of your preferred oil: BALANCE face oil for blemish prone or greasy skin and REPAIR face oil for dry and mature skin. Together this cocktail will provide complete skin nutrition, from humectants and fatty acids to antioxidants and peptides. Take a minute to massage the facial and neck tissue. This will plump skin and help boost circulation and product penetration.

Step 4: Finally, using gentle pressure, apply one pump of REVIVE eye emulsion to the eye area. Use any excess on the area around the mouth to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and on the glabella - the area between the brows. Apply deeper pressure as you “iron” out deeper brow furrows.

Step 5: Finish with one of our NOURISH Lip Balm shades for a pop of color and protection from the elements.

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