Maintaining a healthy daily intake of H2O is one of the most important and simple ways to boost our skin’s overall health. The human body is on average 60% water, even our bones are 34% water! Given that the skin is the largest organ, mostly made up of water, it’s no surprise why keeping hydrated is a well-known beauty hack.

Ingesting less than two to three liters of water per day may lead to chronic dehydration, which causes the body to pull water away from all organs, including the skin. This causes damage to the cells involved, and damaged skin cells lead to wrinkling as well as skin thinning and sagging throughout the body.

Unfortunately, the reverse isn’t true, you can’t fill in wrinkles by drinking water alone - for that you’ll need topical skincare. Nevertheless there are plenty of reasons to drink water for the skin and overall health: 

💧Improves complexion: a substantial water intake will boost blood flow to the skin, helping to even out one’s skin tone, and oxygenate cells.

💧Reduces puffiness: puffiness is a result of our body retaining water to protect us from dehydration. Proper intake of water will reduce swelling and puffiness. 

💧Clears acne: water is required by the lymph system to flush out the toxins from the skin that clog the pores and cause acne all over the body. 

💧Minimizes pores: drinking enough water helps regulate one’s sebum production and reduce prone size. 

💧Anti-aging properties: water helps hydrate the skin keeping it plump and elastic. 

So with that said, let’s all pour ourselves a glass (or two) of the good stuff and sip ourselves one step closer to healthy, radiant skin.

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