Mental Health Awareness Month has been observed in May in the United States since 1949, and 72 years later we are just starting as a culture to give emotional well-being the attention it’s due. Three major pillars of mental health awareness and healing include “getting out of thinking traps”, “taking time for yourself” and “radical acceptance”. Having a healthy relationship with your self-care and beauty ritual feed into all three pillars. As @jessicadefino_ asks, “how much of your beauty regimen is about self-care and how much is about self-control?”. At LINNÉ it is our goal to share products and education that promote confidence, calm and joy. We do not dare disseminate extreme beauty ideals, rather we want you to feel amazing in the unique skin you’re in. So today, and this month, while doing your LINNÉ routine, get in the habit of allowing that extra minute of calm for yourself, releasing yourself of judgement, and thanking your beautiful body for all it does.

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