We love creating products that are multifunctional.

Did you know that PURIFY face wash doubles as a mask and can also be used as a blemish spot treatment?

ACTIVATE, though originally formulated for the body, is also suitable for the facial skin. It’s great for smoothing skin texture and clearing pores.

Likewise, REFRESH mist isn’t just for the face. Try it head to toe to enhance vital mineral absorption. It’s especially useful when applied prior to SMOOTH body balm.

Speaking of which, SMOOTH is an awesome balm cleanser and feels amazing on lips, eyes, cheekbones (as a highlighter) and can be mixed with eyeshadow and powder blush for a glowing complexion.

REPAIR and BALANCE are just as well suited for head and beard hair as they are for facial skin. They additionally serve as first aid kit for superficial scrapes. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory BALANCE can be applied immediately, and REPAIR can be used as the wound heals to encourage cellular regeneration and prevent scaring.

What creative ways are you using your LINNÉ favorites? 

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