The Difference Between NURTURE and SMOOTH Balm

the difference between smooth and nurture balm

NURTURE and SMOOTH Balm share the LINNÉ core values of a rich nourishing balm that enhances your skin's health and appearance. However, each of these products has unique qualities and applications that set them apart. Let's delve into the details so you can establish which balm is better for your skin. 

NURTURE face and body balm

Skin Types: Dry, Sensitive, Irritated, Fragile, Young, Maternity, Post-Partum

Performance: Prevents moisture loss, promotes regeneration and radiance, and soothes chapped, cracked and inflamed skin. Great for dermatitis

Scent: Unscented, natural aroma of passion fruit seed oil and mango butter

How To Use: Apply anywhere needing nourishment, lubricity and care including face, lips, body, hands, feet, nipples, the scalp or ends of hair

For best results apply to freshly bathed slightly damp skin or after applying mist or serum to seal in moisture. Layer it on thick to skin as a protective barrier in harsh conditions or overnight as a conditioning mask

To use as a balm cleanser, apply to dry skin, massage, then gently remove with a damp, warm wash cloth

Use during diapering to create an occlusive layer and prevent diaper rash. Can be used on skin of all ages including children and babies 6 weeks of age and older

Also safe as a sexual lubricant but not compatible with latex condoms

SMOOTH healing balm

Skin Types: Dry, Chapped, Wounded, Blemish-prone, Irritated Skin. Great for Keratosis Pilaris, Acne, Psoriasis and Eczema

Performance: This product effectively addresses a range of skin concerns from dryness to a loss of skin elasticity. In additional to healing scraped, chapped, or cracked skin it effectively calms the symptoms of dermatitis and auto-immune conditions. This is the more “medicated” balm of the two

Scent: An herbaceous blend of antibacterial bergamot, detoxifying geranium, regenerative palmarosa and purifying cardamom

How To Use: Adults may use SMOOTH in the same way as we recommend for NURTURE. Apply to the full body on damp skin or in isolated areas to heal and protect

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