Water is life! To protect our precious drinking water LINNÉ formulas are free from environmental and biological contaminants.

Our ethically crafted 100% natural formulas are composed primarily of organic and wild-harvested ingredients, sourced from suppliers that champion environmental health and worker welfare.

Our partnership with @repurpose_global further ensures water protection. As a certified plastic negative brand, we fund the recycling of TWICE as much plastic waste as we use in our packaging. Through our Plastic Negative contributions, rePurpose pays ethical wages to waste workers for collecting hard-to-recycle, low-value plastic. In this way, waste workers are fairly compensated for their important work of diverting plastic waste that would otherwise pollute our natural world and contribute further to the current ecological crisis.

We are also proud members of @1percentftp and we commit far more than 1% of our total revenue to support regenerative agriculture projects worldwide. These important projects have been directly linked to reduction in carbon and the dramatic improvement in water, land, wildlife and farm worker health. The main goal of regenerative agriculture is to improve soil health, and as we know healthy soils mean less erosion, run-off and need for pesticides and fertilizers.

Our monthly contribution to organizations such as @wildernesssociety helps protect thousands of acres of wild places that would be otherwise lost to mining, drilling, logging and other development. And last, but not least, our office, lab and logistics facilities all run on renewable energy and we offer carbon negative shipping care of @getcloverly . Not only does this partnership help us offset our carbon footprint but the offset projects themselves promote water conservation in a myriad of ways from improved forest management, to biomass harvesting for phosphorus capture and habitat renewal.

Let’s raise a glass to gorgeous skin and a healthy planet!

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