How Do you Keep Sensitive Skin Moisturized?

how do you keep sensitive skin moisturized?

REPLENISH and NURTURE share one of our most favorite ingredients, cold-pressed passion fruit oil, but otherwise they are unique products with distinctive functions.

Use REPLENISH as a pre-cleansing oil to break down makeup; on the scalp to loosen product build up and nourish the hair follicle; as a shaving oil for the smoothest shave; warmed for abhyanga massage; on the belly to promote skin elasticity during pregnancy; and on the cuticles to keep nails healthy and fortified.

Use NURTURE as a final facial skincare step to seal in moisture and support barrier protection; on dry, chapped lips, hands and feet throughout the day and especially before bed; on tender nipples while nursing; and on baby’s bums to prevent diaper rash.

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