Rosacea is a common skin condition that results in redness and visible blood vessels on the skin. It may also cause small, red, pustules. 

What causes rosacea? 
* While the cause is unknown, it is likely a combination of genetics and environmental factors. 

What triggers rosacea? 
* Exercise
* Emotions 
* Weather 
* Alcohol 
* Hot beverages or spicy food 
* Incorrect product use 

While there is no one cure for rosacea, the proper use of skincare products can control and reduce its appearance. Fortunately we have received ample feedback from customers who have observed remarkable improvement in the appearance of their rosacea upon using LINNÉ. 

While the majority of LINNÉ ingredients are well recognized as anti-inflammatory, the products we recommend most are REFRESH face mist and REPAIR face oil.  The anti-inflammatory action in REFRESH is attributed to the contents of magnesium, zinc, copper, MSM and dead sea salt. Notable ingredients in REPAIR include rosehip, camelia, jojoba, petit grain, geranium, sandalwood, immortelle and turmeric. For those with oily skin, BALANCE would also be appropriate thanks to its content of shiso, black cumin and tamanu seed oil. Finally, should you be in need of exfoliation, SCRUB, batch 70, is especially perfect for more sensitive skin. It contains both turmeric and chamomile to keep skin calm and the bamboo silica in this current batch is exceptionally fine.  

Beyond skincare, it is important to maintain a healthy balanced diet and manage our stress levels to reduce internal inflammation. 

Do you have rosacea prone skin? Send us an email at with any questions you may have. 

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