There is no better time than Autumn to treat hyperpigmentation caused by sun and acne.

We have three products that are particularly known for fading sunspots and scars and SCRUB is certainly one of them. Now that we are no longer spending our days in sensitizing UV rays we can safely increase our use of alpha hydroxy acids.

Within SCRUB, we use glycolic and lactic acid to biochemically dissolve dead skin cells and encourage cellular turnover. Sugarcane and sugar maple extracts further enhance the skin's appearance by targeting blemishes at their root and stimulating collagen production. Bilberry extract enriches the skin with potent antioxidants including resveratrol, quercetin, and anthocyanosides. Silica rich bamboo further promotes skin resurfacing with its gentle polishing action. The further addition of potato starch helps to brighten dark spots and minimize facial blemishes.

If in the past you have used SCRUB once a week, you may try increasing frequency to twice a week, and if you've been using it twice you might try up to three treatments a week. To complete the ritual we recommended a spritz of REFRESH mineral mist, followed by a facial massage with RENEW & REPAIR, all of which contain ingredients known to brighten and even skin tone.

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