Spotlight: Amanda Chase of Oshen

Amanda Chase has been a friend of LINNÉ, and our founder Jenna, for over 6 years. One of their first dates was when Amanda came over to sample Jenna's super smoothie, which was then featured in The Moment, a publication by Saie Beauty founder, Laney Crowell. Needless to say Amanda is a connector and conscious content creator. We have loved watching Amanda's evotion and witnessing the brands she has helped shape. She's worked with unbelievable creators from Erica Chidi to Lacy Anne Phillips of To Be Magnetic, and even Lisa Levitt Gainsley, the Founder of The Lymphatic Message, our current giveaway partner! We are fortunate to have this opportunity to feature Amanda in today's spotlight, and learn more about conscious consulting from a blossoming pro!

Amanda, it is so lovely to have you on the LINNÉ spotlight feature! Tell us about yourself, what led you to creating ōSHen?

Thank you so much for having me! I’ve been a fan-girl of LINNÉ & Jenna ever since falling in love with them both in 2016. Since the age of 15, I’ve been on a mission to create content in the world that made a positive impact on the lives of others. I started my career working in the fashion industry for print magazines, creative agencies, and digital creative studios. In 2016, I transitioned into working in the holistic wellness industry and offering content creation services to help grow and scale their brands through content that reflected their essence. After two years of working with my dream clients, I decided to make my freelance passion into a business and then birthed ōSHen (the phonetics of ocean). ōSHen is a content creation studio for visionary brands to make something of substance.  

How do you help brands and individuals in the wellness space take their businesses to the next step? 

The most valuable way in which I support holistic wellness brands and conscious entrepreneurs take their business to the next chapter is firstly, by believing in their big dream vision for their brand. I believe we all are here for a dharmic reason and that our work and creations are the catalysts to live out our dharma. ōSHen is the place where people come to bring their heart-centered, dharmic passions to reality in a way that serves the founder, the collective, and their audience in a positive way. Specifically, I help my clients in three ways: The Tide, a community space for conscious creators to come together to be seen, heard, and valued; Conscious Consulting, a 3-month creative strategy and business development consulting package to help brands create the business they are meant to create in the world by providing them with the essentials to making their passion a business; and lastly, E-Course Creation, a 6-month package to help leading professionals in their market to create a foundational course that helps them grow and scale their business from 1:1 services to reaching the masses. 

What is one piece of advice you have for brands or influencers looking to up level their content creation? 

My greatest tip of advice for brands, creators, and influencers seeking to up-level their content creation is to actually look more inward. Everything in your life (the good, the bad, the ugly) have all shaped you into the person you are today and because of all of these seemingly unconnected aspects of self has actually crafted you into the perfect person to be creating the business and content of your desires. The more you lean into the intricacies of what shaped you, influenced you, makes you happy, and brings you a sense of success… that is where I recommend you lean more into. It’s great to look externally for inspiration but the ōSHen approach is one that comes from igniting the already inner flame with you to bring you the joy, happiness, and success you desire through creating content. To learn more about how to do this, I recommend you check out the Brand Foundations workshop to learn how to do this for yourself. 

How can a brand maintain inner authenticity and outer expression while keeping up with the ever evolving wellness trends? 

The most beautiful aspects of brands are those who know who they are. The key to creating content that’s aligned with your inner authenticity and outer expression with the ever-evolving trends is to be discerning as to if the trend reflects your brand's values. It’s much more inspiring to see a brand engage and create content that the person/brand thrives in as opposed to trying to do what everyone else is doing as a way to stay relevant or trendy. To understand your brand values, I recommend doing the Brand Foundations workshop and then the The Essence of You workshop to help you creatively express your brand's essence into the world. Both of these workshops together can help you start to understand and articulate the language of creating content that’s a reflection of your brand's essence. 

Tell us about your Half The Story podcast? What can our community members expect to learn from listening? 

Half the Story podcast is a 8-episode series I created to share with the world the other half of my personal story and journey as to how I became the creator I am today. I created this when I realized that I wasn’t fully showing up and owning aspects of myself that are ultimately the things that differentiate me from other content creators out there. The beauty of this is two fold: on one aspect I was able to identify my value proposition and clearly understand how my life shaped me to being the perfect combination of services to be the Founder of ōSHen, and then on the other hand, my clients and the rest of the world is truly seeing me for me – and they are choosing to work with me because they resonate with who I am and the services I provide to the world because they align with their specific values and ethos within their own business. If you’re wondering why people don’t understand you, this is a great podcast to listen to as you start to dissect the aspects of yourself that shaped you. This podcast also pairs with the Brand Foundations workshop and helping you write your Bio, which is a fundamental part of the workshop and journey to discovering one's creative essence. 

We are so excited for you and the launch of Substance Magazine launching in 2023. Can you give us the inside scoop as to what we will see in the magazine? 

Thank you so much! I am truly so excited to share it to the world and bring this to those who need it the most. Substance Magazine has been a dream of mine since I was 15 years old – to create a magazine that would change the lives of creatives and provide them substantial content that would inspire them to pursue their passions. It’s a bi-annual print publication featuring one location around the world in each issue, and specifically discussing the aspects of the land (earth, nature, water, people, food, culture, style, rituals, tools, and creators) that influence the creations on that land. And, then the second half of the magazine is a collection of teachings from the studio and from other conscious creators to help aspiring creators on their journey to living their creative dreams and pursuits. It’s the most intentional project I’ve ever created in my entire life and it’s truly an honor to facilitate the creation of it alongside my team. The first issue is slated to be out in a few months – just in time for the Summer Equinox. 

What daily practice can our community members incorporate into their routine to help them create a "life of substance"? 

Living a life of substance is different for everyone. The most important aspect of living a life of substance is taking inventory of the things in your life that you’ve outgrown and no longer resonate with for one reason or another – it could be that something reminds you of someone or the vibe of the object around you no longer fits with who you are today. I think so many people are afraid of change, evolution that we often stay stuck and settle for things and people in our lives because but, the number one tip of advice I have to start identifying what your life of substance looks and feels like is taking inventory and removing anything that no longer serves you or where you’re heading. I trust that you will start to shift a lot of things in your life when you do this – you’re essentially clearing that energy to make space for more of what you want. And, of course, if you are visual like I am, making a pinterest board of your dream life could be a great exercise to understanding your life of substance today. Start by asking yourself when you make a Pinterest board – what does my dream life look and feel like? And, have fun! 

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