Spotlight: Artist and Stylist Anabella Anger

Today’s LINNÉ spotlight series feature artist and stylist, Anabella Anger. Visit stories to learn more about her approach to sourcing vintage furniture, where she finds her inspiration and her health, intuitive approach to beauty. Anabella, tell us about yourself. What led you to start core court studio?

Throughout my life I've always dabbled and been surrounded  by art and design, it's been seen in different ways but always in my realm. Core Court Studio came naturally, I've been collecting furniture and objects for about 5 years now. In 2019 my partner and I decided to remodel our apartment and wanted to source pre existing items for our space, something we find to be the most sustainable way to decorate a home. We both really loved searching for furniture and objects, we’ve traveled up and down the east coast sourcing , as we were filtering through items for our own home we realized we were getting traction for what we were sharing  and decided to make something out of it so that our community could enjoy and also have unique pieces in their spaces.


How do you go about sourcing your vintage pieces? What inspires you most?

Generally we plan sourcing days where we go to markets, estate sales and second hand shops where we source in person but we also source through independent sellers/collectors as well.

I adore visiting markets the most and meeting the vendors, hearing their stories about their lives and what they are selling. It is truly special.  You never know what you're going to find at a market in a way it is like playing i-spy. We’ve stumbled upon a lot of original pieces and have always found it to be very exciting when we do so.

What inspires me the most is the spontaneity of this all, the freedom and discovery that comes along with sourcing and being able to discover new artists and designers.

I am drawn to pieces that make a statement and are an exciting and eye catching contribution to a space. Furniture and objects that spark conversation is what we look for.


What is next for core court?

Like us,  core court is always evolving, we want it to be a free place for exploration and a hub for any of our creative endeavors. There are no rules. Recently we took a trip to Italy and brought back items that we sourced overseas. We have some plans for trips coming up to continue to do the same and bring back furniture and objects from all over the world while sharing our journey. 


In addition to core court, you are also a beautiful model, how do you balance your two passions?

I actually dont model as frequently  as i did a few years ago, i kind of stepped away from that world and focused more on my creative side. I’ve been working as an artist and stylist for the past 4 years. It is not something I share much about, it is solely a word of mouth operation with little to no presence on the internet, which I really enjoy. It allows me to create freely but I am working on finding a way to share my work and lifestyle in a way that feels authentic to me.


What sparks creativity for you in your personal work?

As cliche as it may sound , life in its entirety inspires me. I find myself being inspired by really simple and unexpected things. Like a walk in the everglades and seeing certain textures and colors that ignites creativity or visiting a new city and getting to experience soundings that take me out of my element. It is difficult to pinpoint what inspires my personal work because I am inspired by so many things in life, even sounds or emotions have contributed to my work. 


What is one beauty secret you can share with the LINNÉ community? 

I’d say the biggest beauty secret of all is to relax and find a routine /ritual that isn't tedious and feels peaceful and nourishing so that your body portrays just that. Minimal and natural is always my go to. If something feels forced or like a hassle I find that my body rejects it and does not allow my mind and body to embody ease.

LINNÉ products align with my skincare ritual, by contributing calm and nourishment in their subtle fragrances and delicious textures

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