Spotlight: Dria Murphy of Alise Creative and By Dria

Interview with Wellness curator Dria Murphy

Dria, tell us about yourself. What led you to create Alise Collective?
I moved to NYC from San Francisco, California right out of college and started my career in fashion PR. I worked at Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Topshop before working at a fashion tech startup. From there I started consulting and leaning more into wellness. I realized how much I enjoyed having the agency to build brands that I truly stand behind and thus, Alise Collective was born. We specialize in launching niche, start-up brands in the wellness space, establishing partnerships with industry leading businesses and curating thought leadership events and wellness activations at luxury venues in NYC, Los Angeles and The Hamptons.
What is your creative process when onboarding a new brand and what do you look for in brands you want to work with?
All of our clients touch a niche, elevated, and female-founded space in wellness. When I started my business, I wanted it to reflect what I was interested in and wellness was a natural fit. I’ve been passionate about wellness, before it was the trend, because taking care of yourself physically and mentally everyday of the week was always and still is so important to me. I love trying new products, experiencing new treatments, talking to experts and learning everyday in this space, so my entrepreneurial pursuits are a reflection of a personal passion and professional expertise.
We are so excited to have partnered with you and Hero Beach Club this past summer offering product to the guests. What was your vision for this partnership?
When I travel, I love to try and discover new brands. Most of the time, I forget at least 1 product in my routine so when I created this program, I wanted to give guests an opportunity to discover new brands, and also have all of the amenities they need during their stay. I think it creates a curated, thoughtful experience that guests really appreciate.
What made you decide to start By Dria, the shoppable curation of your favorite products in wellness and lifestyle?
It was through the process of trying so many products and services that enter the wellness space after working in the industry for 10+ years that I discovered that more does not equal better. I have always shared my discoveries with friends and started to share my recommendations and finds on instagram a long time ago, but for me what was missing was an outlet to share my unique pov as a form of self-expression and to house all of the things that work for me in one place so people could go back and reference it.
As a wellness lover and and advocate what is one piece of wellness advise you would give to the LINNÉ community?
I truly believe that taking care of your mental health is the ultimate form of wellness. You can do all of the workouts, and drink all of the green juice, but if you’re not taking care of your mental health, it doesn’t matter. There are tons of wellness practices that have helped my mental health, and figuring out what those are for you is pivotal for personal growth.
What is one piece of advice you have for brands trying to grow in the creative space?
Make sure you are really clear on your brand voice and ethos, and don’t let the noise of the industry waver it.
We have to ask, what are your favorite LINNÉ products?
I love the PURIFY Face Wash because it doesn't dry out my skin while really cleaning it. I use it on my body too! I also have been using the ACTIVATE Body Wash for years now. It makes my skin feel so smooth. Sometimes I put it on as a mask too.

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