Today, in the LINNÉ Spotlight series we have the privilege to feature multi-hyphenate, Jenny Watwood. Marketing strategist, influencer, designer, environmentalist and model, Jenny is a creative force.

You have such an interesting career path. Tell us how you came to create The Watwood Project? What led you there?

 I would say I evolved into The Watwood Project as part of my career path. Each stage of my life has been a stepping stone to lead me to this point. Starting out in the fashion industry as a model I slowly moved over to doing more influential posts as the industry began to change. Eventually, brands asked me to strategize for their influencer programs because of my experience as an influencer. Which then lead to brand strategy and marketing moving forward.

What makes The Watwood Project more than just a creative agency?

How do you differentiate your company from the rest of the marketing world?  What I feel sets TWP apart from other creative agencies is, we only work with clients that are socially/environmentally responsible and we are also a women owned and operated small business.

With the rise of influencer marketing, how can consumers decipher what is authentic? How do you help foster the right relationships? 

With the rise of influencer marketing, consumers can decipher what is authentic by understanding who is pushing the brand/product. Look to see what brands they are pushing: if they all have something in common, like being sustainable, chances are the influencer has morals and standards for the brands they choose to align with. If an influencer is pushing anything & everything they most likely are posting products/brands for paid partnerships only and don't actually use or like what they are feeding you.

What inspires you most when it comes to branding? 

When it comes to branding I feel the most inspired with the creative side of things. Creating mood boards for campaigns and executing shoots that reflect our client's message and aesthetic perfectly is fulfilling.

How do you incorporate the environment into your mission? 

We work with brands that are environmentally responsible in some way. We've also helped clients become environmentally responsible. As far as my personal mission, I choose to work with sustainable, high quality brands when it comes to partnering on my social media. I make an effort in my daily life not to over consume, a huge problem the world faces today.

Tell us about your newest project with Or + Elle and why you chose to work with them. 

I'm very excited to be working with Or + Elle on designing a custom piece. I chose to work with Or + Elle because of their message and the impact they are making in the fine jewelry space. Their jewelry is sustainable and ethically made. I am also a lover of fine jewelry. I decided as I would set goals and accomplish them, I would purchase beautiful pieces that I could eventually give to my children. A tradition my family never had.

You are working on designing a piece together where a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of your choice, how do you decide which charity?

I look for transparency with any charity I'm hoping to partner with. Where is the money actually going? Are there hands on opportunities so I can visit and give my time too? Lastly, is it a cause I can fully support through and through.

What is one secret you can share with the LINNÉ community about brand strategy? 

There are no secrets, but hard work combined with authenticity + consistency are the framework for incredible branding.

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