Spotlight: Kristen Cassie of Moon Canyon

Kristen, tell us about yourself. How did you and Sarah start Moon Canyon

Well, first, I would like to thank you for this sweet feature. It's so wonderful to be here with you in this space.

A little about me... I currently live "bi-coatal" so to speak between Los Angeles and Northern California. I am an herbalist and a trauma informed somatic practitioner. For me, my healing journey really set the stage for the healer I am. Working with herbal medicine and somatic therapy allowed me to make leaps and bounds in my healing process.  I felt a call to really bring this expression forward and create a practice that can hold the body, mind and spirit in a holistic way. 

I met Sarah in herb school in Northern California and we instantly clicked. We aligned on so many levels and decided to start our herbal medicine line and herbal clinic under the name Moon Canyon, the same as my flower company that I have had for 12 years now :) Our line of herbal medicine is inspired by our individual healing practices. We wanted to co-create medicines that fostered deep relationship building with the natural world while also allowing folks to gain wisdom into the workings and language of their bodies. 

Where do you find inspiration? How does nature influence your work? 

Both for my healing practice and my flower design company inspiration always comes from nature itself. My ability to be a channel for the plants to speak through has been a healing force in my life and is also the foundation to which I hinge my whole creative self upon. My relationship with nature and with the land influences all that I do. 

What is your favorite flower at the moment? 

my forever favorite is the narcissus. Its sweet scent gets me everytime. I also love how it is one of the first blooms to pop up out the the cold winter ground. 

How do you tell a story through your floral arrangements? 

I tell the story of the season, of a shape, of the present moment with flowers. Its my love language for sure and I have been so blessed that others connect with that work so deeply. When I work with flowers I just channel what the flowers are saying and wanting. This allows me to be a vessel for them, I am both filled by their joy and fulfilled by this expression. 

You sell tinctures and herbal blends to your community. Where did you learn herbal medicine? 

I studied herbal medicine in Northern California at the California School of Herbal Studies. It's an amazing program. I chose this one because it is a fulltime in person program. It's a magical place and I am so lucky to now be able to live so close to it. This past year we were able to purchase a small house on 14 acres that we are slowly fixing up. 

Beyond your beautiful flower arrangements you have your earth centered one-on-one healing treatments. Can you share a glimpse Into what that entails? 

My one-on-one sessions focus on reacquainting folks with the language of their bodies. I allow the body to lead the way and support my clients to listen deeply to the symptoms and sensations that are being expressed. I like to blend the somatic work with the herbal work and oftentimes we see that emotional issues often are intertwined with the physical. As we gain an awareness around what is coming up for them at this moment, I formulate a Wellness Plan that is unique and customized to them. This includes herbal formulas, dietary recommendations and spiritual guidance. This plan serves as our touchstone for us to come to and reference during our time together.  

What do you think drives the relationship between self and nature? 

We are nature. The relationship is inherent in our bones, in our bodies. This bond we share with the world around us is so vital to our wellbeing.  We are always in relationship. 

What is your favorite healing modality to awaken the body and spirit? 

I've mentioned it a few times but I love somatic work. Specifically I love breathwork. Breathwork really opens the body up in ways that normal states of consciousness cannot. The breath is so powerful. 

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