Spotlight: Viviana Monoloo

Viviana, tell us about yourself, what inspired you to start

Born with a strong curiosity for the body and its movement, my discovery of Yoga began when I was a Ballet Dancer. It is there, through the walls of a theatre, that I realised my mind was dancing in spaces that were not confined. Growing up, I felt a deep attraction towards every type of movement and art that go beyond the physical practice.

Yoga helped me stay in the present, gain inner strength and take with both hands the reins of my life. I consider my practice, “Intuitive Flows”, as the external expression of what I’m feeling inside.

My solo journey In India was a rebirth— the start of something new, a path to discover and share my learnings, rituals, practices and everything I have collected along the way. is a safe creative space to explore yoga on and off the mat. A community of people putting themselves out there to reset, rediscover, reinvent themselves. The time to learn how to get in touch with your body, mind & soul. My aim is that of providing a space to simply be.

What does intuition mean to you?

Living intuitively means listening to our inner wisdom in everything we do. Our physicality, mentality, what we eat, etc., all play an essential role in allowing us to live more intuitively. We all want to live more mindfully, in a way that feels more innate and free. In today’s society driven by rules, restrictions and a ‘keep going’ attitude – I believe people find comfort in my flows. Forty-five minutes per day dedicated to yourself, your freedom of expression and of being. There are no rules in my classes apart from listening to your intuition and letting it express through you.

What do you hope your students experience and take away from your practice?

Yoga isn’t just about asana, or poses. Take your yoga values such non- attachment, gratitude and non-harming off the mat and into your day. This is a valuable way to develop your practice in a much broader sense. The physical aspects of yoga are there to help you learn patience, acceptance and endurance, empathy, kindness, self love. Take a mental step back when a coworker annoys you, when you feel tired, guilty or hopeless, when things are not going how you’d like. Take a moment to think before you speak and say a hurtful thing. Remember that yoga teaches you how to breathe and calm your nervous system and to forgive, love and feel your body and what it has to say. To me, yoga is not only what happens on the mat, it’s mostly what happens out of it.

If someone is new to yoga, where do you suggest they begin their intuitive journey?

Many of us are seeking to move in a way that feels intuitive and free. Freedom and trust in our yoga practice can extend to other areas of life, allowing us to feel in control and equally radically accept all that we are not in control of.
“Honoring our bodies is one of the greatest gifts that we can o
ffer ourselves. But I’m often asked, “How? How do you practice this way? "My Intuitive Yoga Flows will allow you to start a journey with yourself. With time, you will tap more and more into your feelings and emotions, and you will learn to listen to your body, mind and soul. Each time you are on your mat is a new expression of your practice and therefore yourself.

What is your mission as a yoga instructor?

Let each practice be a fresh start to reset, rediscover, reinvent. ‘CLOSE YOUR EYES, TRUST YOURSELF, LET YOUR BODY MOVE’ – is my mantra

We are excited to be joining you on the Otium retreat in Pantellaria. How do you incorporate the setting into your practice?

In collaboration with Otium we are inviting you to discover the untouched island of Pantelleria, in Sicily and unleash your creativity.
The Yoga retreat is open to everyone, ideal for artists and creative people. Nestled between Sicily and Tunisia, the small island of Pantelleria is a powerful location. Cultures, influences and natural elements collide together to create a wild, enchanting setting. Elements that mark the foundation of Pantelleria, island that in Arabic translates to ‘Daughter of the Wind’. Air, fire, earth and water are the four Elements that are integral to our lives. Elements that through this retreat you will reconnect with as well as enhancing your creativity and diving deep into the authenticity of the island.

What should attendants of the retreat expect from the 5 day experience with you?

Travel to awaken your senses. Slow living Italian lifestyle and its typical foods. Daily Yoga and Meditation practices (adapted to any level). Workshops on art, slow living, feminine energy & creativity. Extra activities to connect and get inspired by each other, but also the space and tranquility to digest everything you are experiencing and explore yourself and the island at your own pace.

The retreat is designed to help you connect to the 4 elements and unleash your creativity.

It will include:

*Accommodation at Parco dei Sesi
*Healthy brunches & dinners made with local produces *my Signature Yoga program:

  • Intuitive flows: Earth |Water | Fire |Air

  • Opening Cacao Ceremony

  • Face Yoga class

  • Meditation session

  • Sunset Ecstatic dance

*Creative workshops led by the artist-in-residence *Local natural wine degustation
*Volcano hikes and natural sauna
*Mud baths and hot springs at the property lake


For more information visit: pantellaria

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