What Should You Put on a Rash or Burn?

What Should You Put on a Rash or Burn?

SMOOTH is a miracle product. We know this from the countless testimonials we've received from LINNÉ loyalists who have shared their stories. From traumatic road rash, to eczema, psoriasis, bug bites, razor burn, dermatitis and irritation of unknown origin, SMOOTH comforts the skin when nothing else can. 

This stuff is hardworking on chapped, dry skin but also is appropriate for blemish prone skin thanks to a cocktail of nourishing, cleansing, circulation boosting, astringent and anti-inflammatory ingredients. 

We love using it on our faces, bodies, hands, feet and hair. It's best used on barely damp skin right of the shower or bath but can be applied any time of day for radiant glow and a whisper of our signature scent that sends soothing signals to our olfactory system. 

A part of our founding collection, SMOOTH is a game-changing classic, that's here to stay. New to SMOOTH? Discover this hero today and leave your questions below!

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