Join our auto re-fill program and save 10% plus receive free shipping! You control the frequency and type of products.
To set up a subscription:
Go to the product you would like to purchase on our website. Above the "Add to Cart" button:
1. Select "Subscribe and Save"
2. Set your delivery schedule from 1-4 months (you'll see a drop-down option directly below Subscribe and Save)
3. Check out as normal - the payment method you enter in this step will be connected to your recurring subscription
To change and adjust your subscription:
First you'll need to create an account on Shopify with the email address you just used for your subscription checkout. Once you have an account, anytime you want to access your subscription, click the "ACCOUNT" button at the top right corner of our website. Either enter your email/password or scroll down to "Manage Subscriptions" to use our passwordless login.
Once in your account, you can: pause or cancel your subscription; change quantities; change the frequency; add products and update billing and shipping info.
We ask you to cancel a week before a scheduled refill shipment, if possible. Should you have any questions, feel free to shoot us a line at