It's acne awareness month, and I can assure you we are aware. My younger sister struggled with cystic acne in her 20's and the journey to heal her skin ultimately led to the founding of LINNÉ. From her experience I know it can cause both physical and emotional discomfort but its also nothing to judge and nothing to fear. To manage and treat it I recommend a holistic approach that supports long term skin clarity and health. 

Best practices include a diet rich in colorful, vitamin and mineral-rich fruits and veggies, healthy fats and plenty of water, frequent exercise, ample sleep, reduced stress and mindfulness to abstain from picking, over-exfoliating, over-washing and following unverified “hacks.”

As per products, I recommend PURIFY, REFRESH, RENEW & BALANCE twice daily. SCRUB is an ideal weekly addition to prevent breakouts. Physical exfoliation of fragile inflamed skin should generally be avoided - but the bamboo exfoliant in our current batch, # 70, is so gentle, SCRUB can be used even during active breakouts. You can try all of the aforementioned in our Clarifying Kit. Used together, we have witnessed incredible results from countless customers who have seen results in as little as 5 days. Swipe for some photo documentation of skin before and after use of the Clarifying Kit.

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