In the summer months I especially love waking up and doing my skincare routine then finishing with the BALANCE face oil and using my gua sha that I keep in the freezer. Such a soothing way to start the day! I also love the REFRESH facial mist throughout the day. It truly is the best little reset during long hot days."


In the summer I tend to have puffy eyes and face from the heat. To cool down and de-puff I keep my Linné Face Roller in the fridge. It feels incredible and the smaller black obsidian side fits perfectly in the under eye area.

Sunscreens are a year round essential but summer activities can have you needing to reapply. I recommend using the travel or store sample size to toss into your purse for on the go application.

Swimming pools can be full of harsh chemicals. To help draw out impurities and keep my skin clean and clear l use Activate Body Wash. The charcoal helps to give my skin a fresh start and the eucalyptus essential oil provides immune support. 



When shooting content outside in Miami summers, I love carrying the mini REFRESH and mist my face to cool and hydrate my skin. It always leaves me with the healthiest glow. 

After spending a day at the beach, my skin needs deep hydration so I start with the RENEW serum and follow it with the REPAIR face oil after a long shower to keep my skin plump and healthy before a night out. 

Even though Miami is very humid, my lips get really dry all year long and there hasn't been a lip balm that better hydrates my lips the way NOURISH does. Denali goes beautifully under or over any of my lipsticks. 



During the summer months, my skin loves to soak up oils. I have really been loving my REPAIR after long days in the sun and I love to rely on my REFRESH essence to keep me feeling rejuvenated throughout my day with just a spritz. I normally keep my LINNÉ products in my bag for a mid-day reset. My favorite part about LINNÉ is that I can use it all pregnancy long. 


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