Are Essential Oils Safe for My Skin?

are essential oils safe for my skin

As greenwashing becomes ubiquitous it has become increasingly imperative for formulators and brands to source considerately and responsibly. 

Part of the challenge of working with naturals is that there is incredible variability among the ingredients on offer. Species variety, growth location and conditions, pesticide and fertilizer use, the time and means of harvesting, the process by which the raw plant is converted into its formula-ready form, the conditions of storage and distribution, and the potential adulteration by secondary traders all contribute to ingredient quality and efficacy. 

Because essential oils are such concentrated expressions of the plant, it’s imperative that the plants used be properly sourced, the extraction process contaminant-free, and that the final product be unadulterated. Regrettably the market is flooded with synthetic oils, fragrance oils, diluted oils and other potentially harmful substances. While even the cleanest essential oils are not for everyone, such imposters have tainted many people’s perceptions of the category. 

As with all of our ingredients, we are obsessive about our essential oil sourcing. Not only do we ensure that all of our oils are 'clean' but we only use essential oils that are farmed or wild-harvested responsibly with a respect for both the land and worker welfare.

Furthermore, what perhaps sets LINNÉ most apart, is our essential oils are not just used as fragrance additives. Rather, than being an aromatic afterthought, they are of therapeutic quality, formulated in proper dilution for a synergistic effect that is stimulating, but not irritating or overly active. 

Superlative ingredient quality isn’t the only concern, however. How much of each EO is used and how they are combined with others is equally important. Our proprietary blends have been fabricated with no less than hundreds of iterations and consumer feedback to achieve this delicate balance. Nothing we do happens without rigorous research, testing and care. 


And for that reason we feel confident sharing these products with a variety of skin types - even those hesitant use to essential oils. 


We only want the best for you and our EO story is one way LINNÉ is expressing our unique POV and commitment to care. 

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