We get many questions regarding our two face oils, BALANCE face oil and REPAIR face oil . Below are some of our most frequently asked questions: 

What is the difference between BALANCE and REPAIR?
BALANCE is made with sebum-regulating seed and nut oils and antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory essential oils from the aerial parts of plants. The scent is herbaceous and bright. REPAIR is made with rich and deeply nourishing seed and nut oils and regenerative, anti-inflammatory essential oils from the roots, rhizomes and bark of plants. The aroma is warm and woodsy.

How do I know which is better suited for my skin? 
BALANCE was formulated for oily or blemish-prone skin and REPAIR was formulated for skin that tends towards dryness, or requires care for sunburn, scars, or  hyperpigmentation. Both contain nourishing and rejuvenating ingredients appropriate . 

Will oil make me break out? 
There are many oily substances available to formulators. Some of them will clog pores. Palm oil and unfractionated coconut oil are two examples of natural oils to avoid. We also recommend that you steer clear of synthetic oils and silicones; not only can they clog pores but they only give the illusion of nourished skin and do not treat the skin on a cellular level. The right oils, however, such as jojoba and hazelnut can help regulate sebum production. Oils also help lock in moisture leaving your skin hydrated and nourished, rather than dehydrated and greasy. Research also shows that people with acne have low levels of linoleic acid in their skin’s surface lipids. Adding omega-6 fatty acid-rich oils, such as black cumin seed, may be the best way to address this problem.

Why do we need a face oil in our skincare routine? 
The skin benefits greatly from a healthy supply of fatty acids that support the skin's barrier function. Face oils also help seal in moisture and depending on the oil, they contain vital nutrients such as beta-carotene and vitamin-e.

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